Andrey Rublev Complains about Some Fans in the Australian Open

Andrey Rublev Complains about Some Fans in the Australian Open

Andrey Rublev complained to the umpire about fans saying nasty things to him. Also, he said the fans holding a Ukrainian flag targeted him throughout the match. The incident happened when Rublev was facing Emil Ruusuvuori.

Rublev said he was not complaining about the flag. Also, he told the umpire that he understood the situation. However, the fans were sprouting bad words at him. According to sportsbook PPH experts, he asked the umpire to tell the fans to stop saying those things to him.

After beating his opponent in the semifinals of the Dubai Tennis Championship in February, Rublev signed “no war, please” on a camera to show his opposition to the current conflict in Ukraine.

Andrey Rublev Complained about Fans

Andrey Rublev Complains about Some Fans in the Australian OpenConflict in Ukraine has resulted in Russian and Belarusian tennis players being allowed to compete at the Australian Open, but they must do it without flags or official recognition.

Tennis Australia decided on Tuesday to prohibit spectators from bringing the Russian or Belarusian flags inside the grounds of the Australian Open.

According to pay per head sportsbook reports, the decision was made when the Ukrainian envoy to Australia vehemently protested the flying of the Russian flag at the grand slam.

When Ukrainian player Kateryna Baindl faced Russian opponent Kamilla Rakhimova in the first round, the flag was present in Melbourne.

At Daniil Medvedev and Marcos Giron’s first-round tennis match, the Russian flag was proudly displayed in the stands, as captured by an agency photo.

According to online bookie pay per head sources, Rublev’s next match is scheduled for Saturday against the No. 25 seed, Dan Evans.

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