How to Respond to Negative Bookie Reviews

How to Respond to Negative Bookie Reviews

In today’s online world, negative bookie reviews come with the territory. Players can quickly leave a negative review, whether it is on social media or a blog. However, do you know what’s worse than having a lousy sportsbook review? Not responding to it.

There are several reasons why you should respond to a negative review. First, according to pay per head bookie experts, sportsbook operators who answer to good or bad reviews would see an increase in their ratings. Also, a bad review would not go away if you ignore it.

Respond to Negative Bookie Reviews

How to Respond to Negative Bookie ReviewsWhen you receive a bad review, the first thing you need to do is to respond as soon as possible. However, you should first evaluate the review. Assess why the player had that opinion about the sports betting bookie software or your services.

When responding to the review, you can choose to do it privately or publicly. When you do it publicly, use the same platform that the player used. Also, you can reach out to the player personally. However, you should not avoid making a public response. You want your players to understand that you value them.

Being authentic, polite, and transparent when responding to lousy bookie pay per head reviews would be best. Also, you can learn from the mistake. Finally, players will appreciate you more when you are honest with them.

Players will become loyal to the sportsbook if you are transparent. Also, they don’t expect bookies to be perfect. However, they want you to be responsible when you make mistakes. Therefore, when responding, please keep it civil, focused on the topic, and be polite.

Lastly, keep the replies concise. Avoid asking following-up questions. That way, you can prevent saying something that could upset the player more. Also, it might make them add more negative comments to the review.

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