WWE SummerSlam Results – Roman Reigns Defeats John Cena

WWE SummerSlam Online Results – Roman Reigns Defeats John Cena

John Cena had the chance to become a 17-time WWE world champion. However, WWE SummerSlam online results showed he lost to Roman Reigns, who retained the Universal title. However, Reigns’ celebration was cut short when Brock Lesnar announced his return to the WWE.

Lesnar went up against Reigns. He constrained Reigns, who tapped out. It was the second straight pay-per-view ended with Reigns getting his thunder taken after a significant win, after his Money in the Bank championship triumph over Edge was hindered by Cena.

They connected. However, the message was clear. Regardless of Reigns and Lesnar’s standard connections to Paul Heyman, Lesnar is back, and the recharging of strains dating right back to 2015 has been reestablished.

WWE SummerSlam Online Results

WWE SummerSlam Results – Roman Reigns Defeats John CenaIt was a stunningly fiery and energizing decision to a show that had a small bunch of high focuses, including the arrival of Becky Lynch, yet to a great extent hauled and was sometimes difficult to watch.

According to pay price per head online reports, four titles changed hands on Saturday night in Las Vegas, including Lynch’s 26-second SmackDown ladies’ title triumph and Charlotte Flair’s twelfth ladies’ title triumph for the Raw ladies’ belt. Yet, with the most incredible number in proficient wrestling looming over his head, Cena didn’t turn into the fifth.

The headliner involved conflicting personalities, and both Cena and Reigns played their parts flawlessly. However, with each roll-up endeavor, Cena appeared to get further a lot under Reigns’ skin. As Reigns applied control, he began to deride Cena to an ever-increasing extent, venturing to such an extreme as to remain on the ring steps and rashly lift his title belt over his head.

Cena derided Reigns’ pre-Superman punch “Hoo-ahh,” they traded blows, and afterward, Reigns turned it up. Two Superman punches and one lance later, Reigns’ run of predominance proceeded, and there was a short snapshot of the win until Lesnar showed up to ruin the party.

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