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PPH Bookie Software has Changed the Game

How has PPH Bookie Software changed the game? Phone calls, texts, meetings after poker games, slips of paper exchanged at a bar are all ways traditional bookies conduct business. It’s time consuming and very labor intensive, limiting the amount of action they can book. Bookies, at least traditionally, have had to operate outside the mainstream sports world.

In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that Nevada no longer had a monopoly on sports betting in the United States. Since then, sports betting has grown increasingly popular and more accepted as states have begun legalizing physical and online sportsbooks.

With the advent of state sponsored sports betting, the entire practice has gained legitimacy. Sports betting has been embraced by leagues and states, opening an opportunity for a different kind of bookie. Clandestine meetings, slips of paper and manual tracking of clients’ activities are a thing of the past.

The way for current bookies to be successful in this new environment is to use a Pay Per Head Sportsbook. The same sportsbook features that are offered by corporate online sports betting sites are available for the customers of independent bookies.

Independent Bookies Relish PPH Bookie Software

There are a number of features of a Pay Per Head Sportsbook that enable bookies to compete effectively in the new world of sports betting. From a state of the art online sportsbook for customers to wagering and reporting capability for bookies, Pay Per Head Software provides everything a bookie needs.

Customers have access to all major sporting events, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, golf, tennis, soccer, MMA/UFC and others. Wagers can be made online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pay Per Head Sportsbooks even offer wagering through customer service telephone access.

Bookies have the ability to customize each account, including how much customers can wager, what sports they can bet on and the lines and odds for events. Customers can see only what the bookie wants them to, but get to have the same wagering experience as if they were on a major corporate sportsbook site.

A wide variety of wagers are offered, including futures, spreads, money line, over/under, reverses, propositions and live betting. Depending on the risk a bookie is willing to take, they can expand or limit the types available to particular clients.

To help manage that risk the bookie is provided up to the minute reporting that gives them a total understanding of their positions relative to all wagering activities. For upcoming events, the bookie knows how they stand on each game or event, giving them the data required to make decisions on adjusting lines and odds as appropriate.

It also tracks activity for each individual client as well as the business as a whole. What used to take hours filling in spreadsheets, the bookie can access in minutes from the Pay Per Head Software. All wagers are captured and stored by the software, enabling the bookie to view performance by sport and wagering type.

Bookie Software at PayPerHead247

Bookie Software Allows Bookies to Sharpen Their Skills

By using a Pay Per Head Software Provider, a bookie has more time to spend analyzing their performance and fine tuning their strategy. By understanding what wagers are actually making them money, a bookie can incent particular bets, either through bonuses or adjusting lines and odds.

The real assets of any bookie’s business is the relationships with their clients. Being able to spend more time fostering those relationships and understanding their clients betting patterns is essential to success. They can focus on developing business and client relations and expend less effort on bookkeeping, more effectively managing their profitability.

Managing risk is critical for a bookie. The goal is to have an equal amount bet on both sides of a wager, ensuring that the bookie can pocket the edge as profit. Pay Per Head Software providers offer lay off services, allowing the bookie to unload risk to the operator. Because of the broader wagering base, they can absorb more risk and let the bookie focus on taking advantage of the house edge.

Another feature of the Pay Per Head Software is the financial component that lets the bookie know how much customers owe and what payouts they still need to make. It gives the bookie a running tally of their financial standing. They can make business decisions based on solid information, not speculation or assumptions.