Inter Milan Wins Scudetto to Break Juventus’s Hold on Italian Football

Inter Milan Wins Scudetto to Break Juventus’s Hold on Italian Football

It has been eleven years since Inter Milan won a Serie A title. Thus, fans were happy when Inter Milan wins Scudetto after Atalanta drew with Sassuolo. There are still four games left in the season, but it is safe for Inter Milan to claim the title.

Inter Milan’s success this season stopped Juventus’ streak at nine titles. Inter Milan coach Conte said that the team is happy to topple a kingdom. It was a joyous occasion for the side because it was their first title in eleven years. Also, they broke a dynasty.

Conte used to be a coach for Juventus. He led the team to three of the nine league championships. According to bookie PPH services experts, Conte turned Juventus around after the club finished seventh in the league in 2011.

Inter Milan Wins Scudetto

Conte said that he joined Juve after his promotion with Siena. Also, there was no vision in place at that time. However, it was a start of a vital cycle for the team. He said it was a tough decision to sign with Inter. He decided because he loves challenges. Also, he’s the number one fan of the clubs he’s part of.

Although he had a hard time winning over fans, he tried his best for the teams he coached. He is happy with his performance because the team is doing something extraordinary. He added that it was not easy at present, and it wouldn’t be in the future because of many factors involved.

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