Doug Polk Wins $1.2 Million

You can find excitement in online casinos, but some are worth watching instead of playing. For example, Doug Polk is leaving with $1.2 million from his poker challenge coordinate with Daniel Negreanu. Polk won $255,722 on Wednesday as they arrived at the endless supply of 25,000 hands of heads-up No-limit Hold’em. Stay updated with poker news and poker reviews.

The match was the perfection of a long-standing quarrel between the two poker stars. Polk and Negreanu began playing Nov. 4 with 200 hands live at the PokerGO studio by the Aria. The match at that point moved online at, where they played two tables all at once at stakes of $200-$400 (a $40,000 starting purchase in for each table).

Negreanu won $116,500 in the underlying live meeting, yet Polk immediately recaptured the lead and never surrendered it. Twice Negreanu got the shortage down to about $500,000, however Polk assembled the lead back up. He won $636,098 over the last four meetings to get done with $1.2 million. The fight originated from Polk’s incessant assaults on Negreanu for his activities while a minister for the online poker webpage PokerStars just as a portion of his own conduct. They remained generally genial all through the challenge.Polk was up $770,254.08 at the midpoint of the test. Negreanu had the choice to stop however decided to continue onward.