Horse Betting Strategy for First-Timer Derby Players

Horse Betting Strategy for First-Timer Derby Players

Horse racing placed third as the most popular sports to bet in America alongside with the popular ball sports like basketball, football, and baseball. Watching and betting in a horse racing sends a level of thrill and fun to the audience. And thanks to the technology, even without travelling to a horse racing track you can actually bet on your favourite horses online.

Betting and winning are two different areas. What’s more important is that in every bet you should win and honestly, that adds more fun in your horse betting experience.

But can you guarantee a win? Are there any strategies that a beginner can do to improve their chance in winning?

Essential Strategies For First-Time Derby Bettors

No one can ever guarantee a win, especially wherein a lady-luck is in place; however, there’s always a strategy for you to improve your winning possibilities.

1. Do some research.

For first-timers, doing some research work is significant though there is much available data where you can refer to. It might be confusing for first-time bettors like yourself. However, it is also in your advantage since you are able to get a feel for both data that is available to you.

Check the details like the impact of the trainers, who’s the jockeys, and the bloodlines on each winning horse’s will give you an edge and increase your winning chances.

There is no secret ingredient on how to bet on horse races and win in every race, yet gathering valuable data and references will help you somehow. When you have all the necessary information and data, you can now start testing your theory and start betting wisely.

2. Watch as many races as you can.

Watching as many races as you can develop a particular skill in betting, that is familiarization. You will get an up-close interaction and feel of the moment in the race track. You’ll get the chance to see the horse’s character in the paddock and read the race day program which has vital information you can gather before placing your bet.

Also, watching a race many times before practising or testing out a bet will give you time to contemplate and gather your thoughts completely. Even with a small betting amount, your eyes are on the prize, that means you aim to win and not to waste any money.

3. Always evaluate.

You have gathered all the necessary data you need, watched as many races as you can, and you think you are ready to place a wager on, and somehow you won on your first bet. That is a success story, and thanks to your first methodology, you come up with since it is useful. However, you need also to realize that in horse betting, you need to be versatile and flexible.

Even if your first winning methodology works and gives you a win, it doesn’t guarantee that the second time you will use it to place a bet you’ll get the same winning results. Even professional bettors regularly update and diligently gather recent information to perfect their strategies. Stubbornly sticking to your original method will influence your win and can possibly hurt you.

Other essential elements to consider:

Horse Betting Strategy for First-Timer Derby Players If you are a first-time derby bettor, you have probably watched a race once or twice in a row; however, you are still walking blindly how the entire race goes. That means you are still a rookie in a horse racing sport; thus, a thorough study is needed.

Do the following to improve your knowledge of horse racing and how to bet wisely.

Learn the sport thoroughly. You cannot just bet on a race when you don’t know how the entire system works. It only means you are throwing your money away. Learning the several types of horse racing, different horse breeds, and an overall understanding of the horse racing betting system is a must skill you should possess to win.

Start with a small wage amount. For first-time bettors, you should have a specific wage amount every time you place a bet. Since you are just trying out some of your methods and theory, you should keep your losses at an acceptable level.

Do not bet on every race. A simultaneous and multiple horse racing events happen globally, and it is not advisable to place a bet on every race. Be specific of what race you will place your bet on, and choose a race where you are confident to have a win.


Just like in every betting game, no one can ever guarantee a sure win, but some methods and strategies can help increase your chances of winning. Doing research and familiarizing the entire system will give you an edge among other bettors. Still in this game of luck, no reliable information or data can lead you to have a consistent win and losing is just part of the game.

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