Lawmakers Want to Ban Ohio Transgender Athletes from Women’s Sports

Lawmakers Want to Ban Ohio Transgender Athletes from Women’s Sports

Two lawmakers are planning to introduce a bill that will ban Ohio transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports. They said the move with preserve the integrity of athletics. However, critics of the measure said it limits students from participating in sports.

Ohio representatives Reggie Stoltzfus and Jena Powell presented the Save Women’s Sports Act. It will designate female and male sports based on the biological gender of the person. Powell told a sports betting software blog that the act addresses fairness concerns of women.

They hope the bill will make sure that little girls who work hard are not robbed of their chance by a biological male competing against her in a female sport. Also, the two lawmakers want little girls to achieve their dreams in Ohio.

Ohio Transgender Athletes React

Lawmakers Want to Ban Ohio Transgender Athletes from Women’s SportsThe bill will apply to both public schools and colleges. Also, it will apply to private educational institutions that belong to a national or state athletic association. Based on betting software review and news reports, the lawmakers cited a case in Connecticut where nine girls used to hold state championship titles. However, two biological males now hold the trophies today.

Stoltzfus said that he doesn’t want to hurt individuals affected by his bill. He said it was to protect fair competition in the state. Also, he wants to treat everyone with respect and dignity by leveling the playing field in interscholastic athletics.

However, LGBTQ supporters said that they oppose the proposed legislation. They noted that state lawmakers are attacking transgender children. Also, they want all children to have an equal opportunity to participate in school activities.

While lawmakers are busy with other stuff, the state is losing out on millions by not legalizing sports betting. It is still illegal to open a sportsbook in Ohio because lawmakers can’t agree on the terms of the sports betting law.