Benefits of Organized Sports for Kids

Benefits of Organized Sports for Kids

There are many benefits of organized sports for your children. Two to three hours per week of participating in sports can improve kids’ cardiovascular conditioning. Also, there are emotional and social benefits of being part of a team.

However, there a massive drop in organized sports participation in the US. Many factors are causing the decline. The good news is that there are ways parents can keep their children in the game.

Although some kids still participate in extracurricular sports activities, the number of participants is on a decline. According to a price per head bookie, 70 percent of kids quit their teams when they reach their teens.

Bring Fun Back to Organized Sports

Benefits of Organized Sports for KidsResearchers from George Washington University asked 250 kids, parents, and coaches their definition of fun. Respondents had different answers to the question. Researchers got 81 specific things that respondents considered fun with organized sports.

The researchers organized the factors into eleven categories and ranked the importance of each group to determine the top three. The prime reason what makes sports fun is trying hard. The second most popular reason is positive team dynamics. In third place is positive coaching.

A bookie software company described a positive coach as someone who is a good role model for kids. Also, he is someone who encourages the players on and off the field.

Parents play a crucial role in participation levels. Parents should offer support and encouragement. Also, they need to keep it positive all the time. Making sports fun is the goal of keeping kids in organized sports.

Sports scientists told Sportsbook Pay Per Head winning was one of the reasons respondents answered in the poll. However, it is not at the top of the list. It is only in the middle of the pack at number 41.