How to Manage Payments with Sportsbook PPH

How to Manage Payments with Sportsbook PPH

In this sportsbook pay per head tutorial, we will talk about how to manage payments for your PPH software. The best pay per head software provides several payment options for its services, including PayPal, Person-to-Person, and Bitcoin.

Once your free trial ends with the best sportsbook pay per head, you will find the amount you need to pay for your sportsbook PPH services by logging into your account. You will find the balance at the Agent box of the homepage.

The PPH provider updates the balance automatically each week. It only counts the active users each week. Keep in mind that payment for the services is due at the end of the month. Also, you can choose how to pay for services each month.

Manage Payments for PPH Services

How to Manage Payments with Sportsbook PPHUsing a pay per head software is the easiest way on how to become a bookie. The best part of it is that you can easily manage the payments for the services. Most of the PPH providers offer several options that include PayPal, Bitcoin, and MoneyGram.


The easiest way to pay for the PPH solution is through PayPal. You can send the payment to the email provided by the PPH firm. When you send in your payment, make sure you place your username to the payment notes.


Bitcoin payments differ from one provider to another. Some providers can automatically accept Bitcoin payments. However, there are others that require you to contact their support staff first before you can make any Bitcoin payments. Be sure to check with the provider if you opt to pay with Bitcoins.


MoneyGram payments require a minimum of $150 and a maximum of $500. Most PPH providers accept person-to-person payments. However, the clearing period is not instant compared to PayPal payments.