Sports Betting Soccer News – Liverpool Faces Expulsion in Carabao Cup

Sports Betting Soccer News – Liverpool Faces Expulsion in Carabao Cup

Liverpool faces expulsion from the Carabao Cup if they indeed used an ineligible player during their game against MK Dons last Wednesday. The EFL is looking at the problems with international clearance of Pedro Chirivella, who substituted into the game.

Punishment for such infraction includes paying a fine or expulsion from the cup. The club is already aware of the potential outcomes regarding one of its players. Chirivella played for Liverpool for the first time since May 2016. For more than three seasons, he was out on loan for Go Ahead Eagles, Willem II, and Extremadura.

The club is working with authorities to find out the truth behind the concern. Also, the club will not make any further comment on the issue until the investigation is complete. In addition, EFL told a sportsbook pay per head provider that they are considering the issue.

Liverpool Faces Expulsion

Sports Betting Soccer News – Liverpool Faces Expulsion in Carabao CupLiverpool faces expulsion but the EFL might just make the club pay a fine. However, it is not the first time a club got in trouble for fielding an ineligible player. In 2014, EFL and the Premier League fined Sunderland for fielding an unqualified player in four league games and one League Cup game.

Sunderland admitted they made an error when they fielded in Ji Dong-won. However, EFL didn’t deduct any points. Also, the cup didn’t kick the team out, according to reports collected by a sportsbook pay per head news site.

Going back to Liverpool issue. The team defeated MK Dons two-goal to none. James Milner and Hoever scored for the squad. Milner scored the first goal a couple of minutes before the end of the first half. Then, Hoever scored the second one after 69 minutes.

Their next match will be at home where they will host Arsenal. The latter just came from a 5-0 win against visitors Nottingham Forest. However, the Gunners might face MK Dons if the cup kicks the Reds out, according to software sportsbook analysts.