Reid Blasts New NFL Partner Jay-Z

Reid Blasts New NFL Partner Jay-Z

Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid doesn’t like the new NFL partner Jay-Z. In fact, he blasted the rapper for suggesting that the league has moved past kneeling during the national anthem. In addition, Reid called the NFL partnership with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation as simply a money move.

Reid was one of the first players who knelt with quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The latter has not played in the NFL since 2016. That was the time they started kneeling as a sign of protest against social injustices and police brutality.

Reid blasted the rapper while wearing a Kaepernick jersey. In addition, he kneeled during the national anthem before the preseason game Friday night. It is something he has been doing since he became a Panther last year.

New NFL Partner Jay-Z Defends the Deal

Reid Blasts New NFL Partner Jay-ZJay-Z told pay per head reporters that he will use entertainment and music to promote the NFL’s Inspire Change initiative. In addition, he said the people forgot that Kaepernick’s action was to bring attention to social injustice.

The rapper described Roc Nation’s partnership with the NFL is the next step after the kneeling during the anthem. However, Reid called it Players Coalition 2.0. The safety is a vocal critic of the said association.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told bookie software news sites that he expected the new partnership to have its critics. Also, he said that the two parties discussed how they can influence positive change in communities across the nation.

Kaepernick didn’t comment on the new Roc Nation/NFL deal. Instead, he reminded people it is the three-year anniversary of his protest. He will continue to stand for oppressed people despite adversities.

Robert Kraft, New England Patriots owner, was the one who introduced Jay-Z to the NFL commissioner. Kraft sits on the board of REFORM Alliance, a non-profit organization advocating criminal justice.

Although there are critics like Reid, some people just want to become an NFL bookie and continue living their lives. They believe that Kaepernick already did his part in putting the spotlight on the victims. Now is the time of healing and moving on.

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