In this year’s Super Bowl, fans watching at the Hard Rock Stadium will drink from aluminum cups instead of plastic ones. Also, concessionaires will donate food left unsold during the game to charities in Miami.

The stadium will use aluminum cups in the efforts of reducing plastic use. Also, the aluminum ones are less challenging to recycle. Concessionaires offer canned water instead of providing bottled water. The initiative will go on even after the event on Sunday.

Through the initiative, the stadium hopes to get rid of 99.4 percent of its single-use plastic in 2020. That’s more than half a million plastic cups in the venue’s supply chain. The aluminum cups supplier is Ball. They are excited to launch the green products during Super Bowl LIV.

Hard Rock Stadium Green Initiative

Hard Rock Stadium Replaces Plastic Cups with Aluminum for Super BowlAside from aluminum cups, all waste during the Super Bowl will go to a compost facility or recycling center. Centerplate, the food and beverage concessionaire of the stadium, told pay per head reviews and news sites that it will use a small number of plastics, including ice cream cups in the form of a football helmet.

According to pay per head sportsbook sources, the NFL partnered with a local charity to make sure any leftovers from events of the Super Bowl will go to local homeless centers. That way, there is no waste of food after the game.

People in Miami are already hyped about the game. Although ticket prices are high, they sold out. Aside from the teams, people expect a great halftime show from Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

It is a battle of the quarterbacks, Mahomes and Garoppolo. They are the key players for their respective teams. After the game is over, you can expect either one of them to hold the Super Bowl MVP trophy. At 24 years old, Mahomes is the fifth-youngest quarterback to start in the NFL championship game.