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Australia Bans Gambling Ads during Live Sporting Events

AccoThis has been in the making for several years and today, Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull confirmed that Australia Bans Gambling Ads during Live Sporting Events. The ban of gambling advertisements will take place before 8:30pm during live sports events.  In addition, they will also be banned for five minutes before and after the start of the match. In essence the ban on betting advertisement will take place during daytime live sporting events.  The ban on such ads will start on March 20, 2018. The ban on sports betting ads will apply to sporting events shown between 5am and 8:30pm. ...

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IOC Will Monitor Gambling for Possible Cheating

The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will be taking place in just over a week. This year, International Olympic Committee is not taking any chances with possible cheating. The IOC Will Monitor Gambling for Possible Cheating using all of the tools at its disposal. In fact, the IOC has jut confirmed that it has hired London-based firm, Genius Sports.  Any unusual gambling trend in this year’s Summer Olympic betting Twill be monitored by them. Genius Sports which also works to monitor the English Premier League and MLB betting, with their Sports Integrity Service will use their data to...

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Pennsylvania Gambling Expansion Gets Put on Hold

The Pennsylvania Online Poker legislation passed the State House of Representative by a margin of 114 to 85.  The Pennsylvania Gambling Expansion would increase regulation in the state. This legislation would legalize and regulate online casino games and fantasy sports. In addition, it would also regulate and authorize slot machines at the airport. An expansion to the bill has been in the work but it looks like it has hit a block. The bill has to wait until this fall to see if it goes on the desk of the governor. Since then, the legislation have been working on...

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NBA Betting Tips – NBA Betting Update

In this NBA Betting Update, the big news in the NBA this past week was Golden State suffering their first loss of the season. After starting the year with a perfect 24-0 record the Warriors lost the last game of a nine-game road swing in Milwaukee. The Bucks celebrated that win on their home court, but have to face a revenge-minded Warriors team that is eager to play the rematch. No doubt Golden State will be a heavy favorite, and we wouldn’t want to take the points with the visiting Bucks as the Warriors likely look to run up...

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