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What is Sportsbook Pay Per Head and how does it work?

Agents and Bookie hoping to modernize their task and increment their income frequently discuss beginning an online bookie site. Utilizing a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service is frequently specified in a similar sentence with how to open a sportsbook. The unavoidable issue anyway is precisely What is Sportsbook Pay Per Head and how it enable bookies to extend their business. A Sportsbook Pay Per Head or Sportsbook PPH is utilized by many bookies around the globe for a few reasons. The fundamental reason is that it saves you money while giving you all of the benefits of a sports...

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2018 MLB All-Star Update

The 2018 MLB All-Star game will be starting soon, July 17, 2018, at the Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. And for those who want to earn some money over the 89th All-Star game, as well as the Home Run Derby, you should start learning how to be a bookie. The rosters for the AL and NL is determined by voting. The voting happened during the spring/summer season last 2017. Despite being announced already, there will be a few changes on the rosters, which is mostly due to injuries, or due to the starters who will be pitching on the...

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2018 Top NFL Draft Prospects

In just a few days, the 83rd annual meeting of the NFL League franchise will take place in Arlington, TX. This year, The Cleveland Browns will have the first selection while the Green Bay Packers will have the most picks. In this article, we will take a look at the 2018 Top NFL Draft Prospects and why they are in the top of their class. For the moment, speculations are running high amongst fans, bookies, online sportsbooks and even sportsbook pay per head companies. This is because between April 26 thru 28, 256 athletes will up for grabs by...

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NBA Playoff betting Update: Is Chris Paul out of the Playoffs?

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently at 2-2 against the Portland Trail Blazers after game 4 of the playoffs. In this NBA Playoff betting Update, the Sports handicappers are weighing the odds on whether the Clippers can make it.This is because Chris Paul is out of the action and on the injured list.  On Monday night, he suffered a broken third metacarpal in his right hand. Paul’s injury occurred in the third quarter of game 4.  It took place while he was attempting to swipe the ball away from Trail Blazer guard, Gerald Henderson.  According to unofficial sources, the Clippers...

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NBA Play Offs Sunday Recap

This past Sunday ended up with losers and winners with some teams that shined amongst the rest.  On the other hand, some did not do well as expected by the handicappers and the sports betting software companies. In this NBA Play Offs Sunday Recap we will take a look at the losers and winners so far. Let’s go ahead and start by looking at the Cleveland and Detroit matchup when the Cavaliers defeated the Pistons 106-101.  This was an important match for Cleveland because if they had any chance of winning the championship, they needed their big three players...

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NBA Betting Update – Golden State Warriors Remain Undefeated

The Golden State Warriors continue to be the story of the NBA as they have remained perfect with a 23-0 record entering Thursday’s action. Golden State hasn’t just been winning – they’ve been winning by huge margins and are a league best +14.6 points per game in total point differential. By comparison, the Cleveland Cavaliers are leading the Eastern Conference with a 14-7 record.  In addition, they have a +4.0 ppg differential – more than ten points fewer per game than the Warriors. Golden State has shown no signs of slowing down with each of their last five victories...

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MLB Betting: 2015 MLB All-Star Game History

While most sports bettors tend to view all-star games as poor wagering opportunities, the MLB All-Star game has been extremely streaky, with those paying attention cleaning up at the online sportsbooks. Starting in 1963, the National League completely dominated the American League, winning 19 times in 20 chances. That included an 11-game winning streak from 1972 through 1982.  During these games, only three of those 11 victories came by a single run. The tides started to turn in the mid-80’s, and then the American League went on a crazy run. Starting in 1997, the AL won 12 consecutive All-Star...

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