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Bookie Company GVC Improves Gambling Revenue in 1st Quarter

GVC, the owner of Ladbrokes, reported positive gains in all territories. GVC improves gambling revenue by 8 percent in the first quarter. Although its UK retail revenue remained flat, its European market shares were up two percent. Overall, its online net gaming revenue improved 17 percent. GVC recently reduced the maximum wager amount at its fixed odds betting kiosks. However, the company told gambling industry news reporters that they didn’t see its impact after its implementation last April 1. The bookie company is confident that it can meet the market expectations on profits for the present fiscal year. Its...

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Bookie News: LA Clippers Clinches Playoffs

While everyone was talking about the Lakers, the often overlooked LA Clippers clinched a playoffs berth by defeating the Timberwolves Tuesday night. In fact, people expected the team to win just 20 games this season. With a score of 122-111, the Clippers earned their place in the playoffs. In fact, the team took control of the game from start to end. Leading the team were Danilo Gallinari and Lou Williams. By the end of the first quarter, the score was 42-23 in favor of the Clippers according to sports news reports. The Timberwolves managed to cut the lead to...

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How to Be a Successful Bookie

Sports betting is a very competitive industry. To be a successful bookie you need to understand the industry and your target market. In fact, there is no simple answer on how to maintain a successful sportsbook. There are many factors that you need to consider. If you are new to the business, the road ahead can be difficult. However, learning the ropes can be easy with the right guide. Here are some tips that can help you become a successful bookie in no time. Successful Bookie Tips Use a cost-effective solution – In the past, setting up a bookie...

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Get to know one of the popular sportsbook pay per head companies online in our review. This sportsbook provider is part of the RDGCorp group. This means that the level of service is probably similar to that of its sister/mother companies. Which means, we don’t really expect that much. They are a decent sportsbook, as there are no claims of scamming, or difficulties with We do mind that there are inconsistencies in their site, like the date when they are established. Maybe since they have so many companies, it can get confusing. But either way, it does...

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Day 3 NFL Free Agency – Bookie Discusses the Big Winners

There were many movements during Day 3 NFL free agency. There were already many big moves during the first two days of the 2019 league year. In addition, analysts are expecting a lot more drama to unfold in the next couple of days. With many player movements in the NFL, you might miss some names while reading the latest sports news. Aside from the Odell Beckham trade, there are many players who will be playing for another team this year. Here are some of the big winners of day 3 NFL free agency. Winners of Day 3 NFL Free...

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Pay Per Head Industry News: Sportsbet Guilty of Illegal Gambling Ad

Sportsbet is the most popular online bookie in Australia. However, the Liquor and Gaming NSW found Sportsbet guilty of illegal promotions. In fact, the gambling watchdog fined the betting provider for their refer-a-friend ad. New South Wales prohibits gambling firms from encouraging consumers to sign up to their services via attractive offers. The gambling watchdog launched the probe after Sportsbet posted an ad on its website in July 2018. The state found Sportsbet guilty and fined $10,000. In addition, it needs to pay more than $7,300 in legal expenses for breaking state gambling regulations. The ad in question featured...

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Bookie Industry News: Nevada Gambling Revenue Down in January

Nevada gambling revenue was down in January as casinos collected a total $984.6 million for the month. The report released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board showed a decrease of 3 percent compared to the same period last year. The change was due to blackjack, sportsbook, and baccarat. On the other hand, Nevada gambling revenue for the fiscal year improved by 1.1 percent. All markets saw revenue increases with the exemption of the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, casinos in the area saw a drop of 0.9 percent. Nevada regulators monitor the revenue in the Strip. Board senior analyst...

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Find Sportsbook Players through Paid Ads

One way to find sportsbook players is through paid ads. You might come across terms such as online advertising, search engine marketing, or pay per click marketing. In fact, you can use these ad channels to direct traffic to your online bookie site. Paid online ads is a huge industry. In the US alone, it generated more than $500 billion in 2011. You might be wondering why consider paying for ads when you can market your sportsbook PPH for free online? Paid channel advertising is a powerful marketing tool because you can easily measure its value. You can set...

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NCAA Sack Leader Disinvited from NFL Combine

Jaylon Ferguson is the NCAA sack leader of all time, but he will not be attending the NFL combine. According to the NFL, they disinvited the former Louisiana Tech player because of a previous battery conviction. During his freshman year, Ferguson got into a fight at a McDonald’s shop. As a result, he got a conviction. Although he was one of the 338 players who got an invite to the NFL combine, the league rescinded the invitation. The NFL policy states they can disinvite a player if one has a felony or misdemeanor conviction that involved violence. While Ferguson...

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UK Gambling Commission Improves ID Checks

The UK Gambling Commission is implementing new rules for operators, Their goal is to make online gambling fairer and safer. The improved ID checks require operators to confirm clients’ identity and age in less than 72 hours. The UKGC said that faster ID checks will help stop gamblers from going around exclusion systems. In addition, it will prevent children from accessing gambling sites. Operators need to verify the clients’ details before they can gamble or add funds. Also, unverified customers can’t play on gambling sites with a free bet. Stricter ID Checks The commission will implement the new rules...

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